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Perspectives and terrorism: Realists understand that terrorism is most commonly the activity of a non-state actor. However, they will tend to approach the situation in similar terms as they would state-to- state conflict. They approach it through the problem of asymmetric warfare – where power is unequal between actors. As such, they advocate, in general, for the military targeting of rogue states and state sponsors of terrorism – if these bases can be eliminated, it weakens the terrorist organization, which may operate without a territory, but cannot operate without resources. Robert Pape wrote a well-known article called the “Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism” which essentially set forward a realist view. In Pape’s estimation, it is not useful to use the individual level of analysis to understand the rise of suicide bombing. While incidents of terrorism declined during the 1990s and early 2000s, the number of suicide bombings has increased as a percentage of terrorist attacks. However, this tactic cannot be linked to a particular profile of the individual (people from
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