Realists on ethnic conflict

Realists on ethnic conflict - Realists argues that politics...

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Realists argues that politics needs to recognize this reality and not try to change it and try to create different types of identity. This is less a statement about the nature of ethnic identity and more about the notion that realists are uninterested in how identity has been constructed – they will basically assume that existing identities will not change. Applies the security dilemma to ethnic conflict, examining the relationships between two ethnic groups similar to the examination of security dilemma between two states. For realists, the best way to deal with ethnic conflict is to balance power between the groups and the best way to do this is through partition or separation. Realists argue that they recognize the fact that negotiated settlements between hostile ethnic groups is difficult and often impossible. Hostile ethnic groups will not live together without conflict and coercing them to do so only increases the potential for conflict between them. Realist point to the persistence of ethnic conflict in Africa as a result of artificial
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