Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict

Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict - aquifiers 4 Many...

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Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict: 1. Relative deprivation – one group feels it is being unfairly deprived of wealth or status. 2. Demographic stress – this deals with the characteristics of the population – many analysts argue that the presence of many young men, often without jobs or without prospects, is a catalyst for conflict. 3. Environmental factors – access to resources is in many cases a source of conflict. A good example of this is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – one the sticking points in any negotiations is access to fresh water and control of
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Unformatted text preview: aquifiers. 4. Many analysts argue that cultures that discriminate against women are more prone to conflict. A climate of discrimination and repression already exists, which can easily become violent. 5. Secessionist movements 6. Ethnic hatred 7. Failed states – states can no longer control their territories, or provide security – next best thing is to seek safety with an ethnic or religious group. The situation in Iraq – where religious militias have taken over the duties of the government in many situations....
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