Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict

Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict - aquifiers. 4....

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Sources of civil war and ethnic conflict: 1. Relative deprivation – one group feels it is being unfairly deprived of wealth or status. 2. Demographic stress – this deals with the characteristics of the population – many analysts argue that the presence of many young men, often without jobs or without prospects, is a catalyst for conflict. 3. Environmental factors – access to resources is in many cases a source of conflict. A good example of this is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – one the sticking points in any negotiations is access to fresh water and control of
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Unformatted text preview: aquifiers. 4. Many analysts argue that cultures that discriminate against women are more prone to conflict. A climate of discrimination and repression already exists, which can easily become violent. 5. Secessionist movements 6. Ethnic hatred 7. Failed states states can no longer control their territories, or provide security next best thing is to seek safety with an ethnic or religious group. The situation in Iraq where religious militias have taken over the duties of the government in many situations....
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