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Which Model? Crime Control or Due Process Herbert Packer, a Stanford University law professor, constructed two models, the  crime control  model  and the  due process model , to represent the two competing systems of values operating  within criminal justice. The tension between the two accounts for the conflict and disharmony that  now is observable in the criminal justice system.  The crime control model should prevail The following assertions are the key concerns of the crime control model:  1. The repression of crime should be the most important function of criminal justice  because order is a necessary condition for a free society. 2. Criminal justice should concentrate on vindicating victims' rights rather than on 
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Unformatted text preview: protecting defendants' rights. 3. Police powers should be expanded to make it easier to investigate, arrest, search, seize, and convict. 4. Legal technicalities that handcuff the police should be eliminated. 5. The criminal justice process should operate like an assembly-line conveyor belt, moving cases swiftly along toward their disposition. 6. If the police make an arrest and a prosecutor files criminal charges, the accused should be presumed guilty because the fact-finding of police and prosecutors is highly reliable. 7. The main objective of the criminal justice process should be to discover the truth or to establish the factual guilt of the accused....
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