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Affirmative action should be used Generally, affirmative action is a civil rights policy premised on the concepts of group rights and  equality of results. Equality of results is different from equality of opportunity insofar as the former  concentrates on similar outcomes and the latter focuses on removing discrimination from the process  of getting a job, a promotion, or some other socially desired good or service. The arguments for  affirmative action justify a race- and gender-conscious approach to hiring in criminal justice. 1. Affirmative action demonstrates a commitment to the principle of equality. 2. Affirmative action provides thousands of jobs for racial minorities and women. 3. Affirmative action improves police-community relations. Affirmative action should not be used
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Unformatted text preview: Arguments against affirmative action dwell on its costs and question the justice that supposedly goes with compensating members of a protected group for past wrongs done to other members of the same group during earlier periods of history. 1. Affirmative action is nothing more than reverse discrimination. It is wrong for a police department to give preferential treatment to members of a minority group who are not themselves victims of discrimination in order to redress past societal discrimination. Moreover, some white officers view affirmative action as a threat to their job security and their careers. 2. Affirmative action has caused police administrators to lower standards to hire racial minorities and women....
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