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Civil service - officer in the United States Alice Stebbins...

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Civil service Civilian reformers instituted civil service. Under civil service, appointments and status are  determined by merit and examination rather than by political patronage. Eventually, civil service  helped to get rid of political patronage in American police departments. Other recommended changes Civilian reformers recommended these other changes:  1. Centralizing power and authority within police departments. 2. Upgrading police personnel. 3. Narrowing the police function so that police could focus on law enforcement aspects  of policing. 4. Eliminating politics from policing. Police as social workers Some progressives saw the police as social workers. To implement the social work role, a few police  departments hired women officers. When the Portland Police Department hired Lola Baldwin for  child protection duty at the World's Fair in Portland in 1905, she became the first woman police 
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Unformatted text preview: officer in the United States. Alice Stebbins Wells, a policewoman with the Los Angeles Police Department, stressed the idea that policewomen should play a helping role similar to that of the mother in the home. This sex-role stereotyping relegated women to work with juveniles and barred them from patrol until the latter part of the 20th century. Police Professionalism Progressive thinking about how to improve the police paved the way for a second reform movement. Within police circles, a group of police chiefs advocated professionalizing the police. The professional police department was administratively efficient, organizationally separate from political influences, technologically advanced, and expertly staffed....
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