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Drugs and Crime - we could succeed in eliminating drug...

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Drugs and Crime The connection between drugs and crime is reflected in at least three types of crimes:  Drug-defined crimes, such as the possession, use, or sale of controlled substances,  which violates drug laws. Crimes committed by drug users to get money to buy more drugs or crimes  committed by persons under the influence of drugs. Organized criminal activities, such as money laundering and political corruption, in  support of the drug trade. Crime is associated with drug use, but drugs usually don't cause crime. First, only a small  percentage of burglaries and robberies are drug related. Second, studies of high-rate offenders show  that many of them began their criminal careers before using drugs. Most experts agree that even if 
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Unformatted text preview: we could succeed in eliminating drug abuse, there would be only a small reduction in robberies, burglaries, and similar crimes. The amount of illegal drug use The 1995 National Household Survey (which collects self-reported information from 4,000 to 9,000 individuals each year) indicates that drug use has declined but that illegal drug use among teenagers (ages 12–17) increased from 1990 to 1995. A second survey, the 1995 Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) program (which collects urine specimens and self-reported data on drug use from arrested persons) reports that a majority of male arrestees in U.S. cities tested positive for drugs....
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