Drugs should be legalized

Drugs should be legalized - 3 Most illegal drugs are no...

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Drugs should be legalized There are numerous arguments for drug legalization.  1. Criminal prohibition of drugs has not eliminated or substantially reduced drug use. 2. The drug war has cost society more than drug abuse itself. Costs include the $16  billion the federal government alone spent to fight drugs in 1998. Of this $16 billion, $10.5  billion pays for measures to reduce the supply of drugs. Most of these measures involve law  enforcement efforts to interdict or intercept drug supplies at the borders. Costs also include  corruption, damage to poor and minority neighborhoods, a world-wide black market in illegal  drugs, the enrichment of criminal organizations through their involvement in the drug trade,  and an increase in predatory crimes, such as robberies and burglaries, committed by drug  addicts who are enslaved to drugs.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Most illegal drugs are no more harmful than legal substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol, and therefore, drugs should be treated the same as these other substances. 4. Legalization would free up billions of dollars that the government now spends on police, courts, and corrections to wage war on drugs and would produce significant tax revenues. The money saved could then be spent on drug education, drug treatment, and law enforcement initiatives directed at more serious crimes. 5. Drug prohibition infringes on civil liberties. The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that because drugs are such a horrible thing, it is okay to bend the Fourth Amendment (which relates to searches and seizures) in order to make it easier to secure convictions in drug cases....
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