Evaluating the proposition that most defense attorneys distort the truth

Evaluating the proposition that most defense attorneys distort the truth

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Evaluating the proposition that most defense attorneys distort the truth While it is true that defense lawyers occasionally distort the truth, it is also true that prosecutors are  equally guilty of sometimes misrepresenting the truth to win a case. Most defense and prosecutorial  misconduct is an unfortunate byproduct of the adversarial process. This adversarial process is the  linchpin of the criminal justice system in the United States. Such a process operates on the  assumption that the truth will prevail from the conflict between the prosecution and the defense. With  the adversary process, the defendant is entitled to an array of constitutional rights, the most 
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Unformatted text preview: important of which, from an adversarial standpoint, is the right to counsel, because it is through the right to counsel that the defendant is best able to assert other important rights. These other rights include the right to confront the witnesses against him or her, the right to present a defense, the right to compulsory process in order to obtain witnesses and evidence, the right to remain silent, and the general right to fairness in the prosecution of his or her case...
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