Proactive policing

Proactive policing - Proactive policing While the mere...

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Unformatted text preview: Proactive policing While the mere presence of police in an area may not deter crime, aggressive patrol may make a difference. Proactive police operations focus on the concentration of crime in certain offenders, places, and victims. Proactive operations include using decoys, going undercover, raiding, relying on informants, stopping and frisking suspects, shadowing repeat offenders, policing repeat-complaint locations, and saturating an area with police to maintain order. Because crime is not evenly distributed throughout a community, it stands to reason that some places need more patrol than others. The tradition of giving each neighborhood an equal amount of patrol wastes police resources. A smarter use of resources would concentrate patrol on high-crime times and places. The Minneapolis 911 study , for example, centered around hot spots. This study discovered that a small number of locations in Minneapolis accounted for a disproportionate number...
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