The nature of the problem

The nature of the problem - The nature of the problem For...

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Unformatted text preview: The nature of the problem For most of U.S. history, almost all police were white men. Before the 1960s, police departments in the United States were guilty of employment discrimination with respect to racial minorities and women. Police agencies operated on the sexist premise that policing was a man's job. Until 1972, female police officers were rare. Many male police officers opposed assigning women to patrol work on the grounds that women don't have the physical size and strength to handle the job. Subsequent evaluations of female officers on patrol found their performance to be as effective as that of males. As for the experience of blacks in law enforcement, it parallels the history of black participation in almost every other form of government service. Before the 1970s, some police departments didn't hire nonwhites. Police organizations only grudgingly accepted blacks as police officers.hire nonwhites....
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