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Myth: The manager is a reflective, methodical planner.  Reality: The average manager is swamped by trivialities and crises and spends only nine  minutes or so on any activity.  Myth: The effective manager has no regular duties to perform.  Reality: Managers attend upper management meetings, meet regularly with employees,  coworkers, and potential clients, and absorb and process information on a continued basis.  Myth: The manager's job is a science.  Reality: Managers rely heavily on interaction and judgment.  Myth: Managers are self-starters, self-directed, and autonomous.  Reality: Good managers are self-managing: They accept autonomy, while seeking input from 
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Unformatted text preview: supervisors. • Myth: Good managers seek out the information they require. • Reality: Managers don't always have access to information they need. • Myth: Competition among managers is good for business. • Reality: Collaboration (the pooling of resources) and cooperation (working together) among managers creates a better business. Today, the concepts of TQM indicate that organizations function better if resources and knowledge are shared and individuals work together as a team. Uncovering your own beliefs of management is important as you develop an awareness of “true” daily management duties....
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