TABLE 11 - phone calls, and meetings. Decisional...

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TABLE 1 Mintzberg's Set of Ten Roles Category Role Activity Informational Monitor Seek and receive information; scan periodicals and reports; maintain personal contact with stakeholders. Disseminator Forward information to organization members via memos, reports, and phone calls. Spokesperson Transmit information to outsiders via reports, memos, and speeches. Interpersonal Figurehead Perform ceremonial and symbolic duties, such as greeting visitors and signing legal documents. Leader Direct and motivate subordinates; counsel and communicate with subordinates. Liaison Maintain information links both inside and outside organization via mail,
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Unformatted text preview: phone calls, and meetings. Decisional Entrepreneur Initiate improvement projects; identify new ideas and delegate idea responsibility to others. Disturbance handler Take corrective action during disputes or crises; resolve conflicts among subordinates; adapt to environments. Resource allocator Decide who gets resources; prepare budgets; set schedules and determine priorities. Negotiator Represent department during negotiations of union contracts, sales, purchases, and budgets....
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TABLE 11 - phone calls, and meetings. Decisional...

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