Excretory System

Excretory System - -2/3 of reabsorption happens...

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EXCRETORY I. Nitrogenous Waste - Three types: ammonia, urea, uric acid (all have nitrogen) - Freshwater aquatic animals have a lot of NH 3 - Few situations with uric acid deposition in humans (gout [caused by high-protein diets]) II. EXCRETION - Bundles of capillaries together; pressure gradient resulting in reabsorption and secretion - Left end: closed/bundled up and for FILTRATION
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Unformatted text preview: -2/3 of reabsorption happens passively-Excretion = Filtration + Reabsorption + Secretion HUMAN KIDNEY Functions:-Regulates H 2 O in body and ions in bodily fluids-Maintains osmolarity of body fluids; plasma volume, blood volume and pressure-Eliminate toxic wastes-Secret hormones (erythropoietin [RBCs], renin [Na + retention in kidney)...
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