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lab exam - LAB 1 MACROMOLECULES Monosaccharide one...

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LAB 1: MACROMOLECULES - Monosaccharide: one sugar (fructose, glucose, galactose, ribose) - Disaccharide: two sugars (Maltose: 2 glucose; Lactose: glucose + galactose; Sucrose: glucose + fructose) - Polysaccharide: more than one sugars o Starch: only glucose (how plants store glucose made during photosynthesis) o Glycogen: how animals store glucose; differently structured o Cellulose: makes up cell walls in plants and is a key part of fiber; indigestible by animals - Most disaccharides/polysaccharides can be broken down into smaller monosaccharides by hydrolysis (water released from this process) Activity A - Benedict’s reagent to test for mono/disaccharides o Positive test: yellow, green, orange, red o No saccharide present: cl ear o Negative (sucrose): turns blue o Limitations of test: not being able to tell which monosaccharide is present in sol’n Activity B - Iodine reagent used to test for presence of starch o Dark blue: starch o Purplish blue: maltose o Yellow: glucose o Positive: yellow turns dark blue o Negative: no color change (no starch or starch broken down into glucose) - Negative Control: water (golden yellow) - Limitations of test: can’t tell how much of starch is present Activity C - Hydrolysis of Sucrose: glucose + fructose; hydrolysis of starch: glucose and lots of it Activity D: Lipids - Positive test for lipid: fat/oil makes the paper translucent when held up to lout - Can’t tell if there is saturated/unsaturated fats though Activity E: Proteins - Biuret reagent: testing for presence of proteins (Blue) - Turns violet/pink/lavender if positive test; stays light blue if negative; unable to tell what proteins are present though LAB 2: ENZYMES - Biological catalysts (compounds that speed up a chemical reaction without being used up or altered in the reaction; reacts with substrate, which is modified to form a new product)
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lab exam - LAB 1 MACROMOLECULES Monosaccharide one...

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