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Apr 19 - o Done with an orchestra o Last song “Nights in...

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04.19 EMERSON, LAKE, PALMER - 2 nd album: Tarkus Side A: “Tarkus” beginning section is called ‘Eruption’ - 4 th album: Brain Salad Surgery “Karn Evil 9” (wraps around two sides of the album) o ‘1 st Impression Part 2’ THE DOORS - Guitar: Robby Kreiger - Drums: John Densmore - Keyboard s (playing bass on the keyboard): Ray Manzarek - Vocalist: Jim Morrison o Felt that a Native American dying looked at him and his spirit enters Morrison - 1 st album: The Doors o “Break On Through” (song about death/dying) Bass guitar is on the electric piano - 3 rd album: Waiting for the Sun o “Not to Touch the Earth” (based off of a poem by Jim Morrison called “The Lizard King”) Establishing that he’s the lizard king :D (mark of insanity) THE MOODY BLUES - 2 nd album: Days of Future Passed
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Unformatted text preview: o Done with an orchestra o Last song: “Nights in White Satin”-3 rd album: In Search of the Lost Chord o “Legend of a Mind” First line: “Timothy Leary’s dead” [the druggie doctor advocating LSD] Leary loosely translates “Tibetan Book of the Dead” (inspires Lennon to write ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’) DONOVAN-“Hurdy Gurdy Man” o He claims Led Zeppelin was playing on his album (except for Robert Plant) o Written for Jimi Hendrix, but Donovan is eventually coerced into playing it IRON BUTTERFLY-4 th album: Live “Soul Experience”; “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” (in the garden of Eden) o 20 min long, famous drum solo which influenced numerous drummers ALBERT KING MUSIC GO DOWNLOADDD...
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