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- Original record companies were home-based things, with nobody knowing what were good hit songs since nobody knows anything - Afterwards, smaller labels became absorbed by the bigger labels to become huge conglomerates with record companies - There began a series of set “musical formulas” (you had to play like a certain popular group to get a contract and sell) - In the 60s, everybody can do whatever they want with music but by the 70s, it becomes more in molds of certain stuff - Losing in Vietnam = big political shame for United States o Draft was a big thing in ’65, cuz people didn’t want to go for a war they knew nothing about and nobody wanted to be forced to fight - Every guy is screwed in 60s because they have to go out and fight - 60s = fear and hell, wishing you were not in America - Anti-war sentiments = America, not Britain TWO MIDTERMS, ONE FINAL Scantrons for the midterms Midterms/finals are not cumulative Midterms: 50 Q (25 by Biersach, 25 by TAs) 30% Midterm 1, 30% Midterm 2, 30% Final, 10% BlackBoard (online)
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Unformatted text preview: “HEY JOE” by Billy Moses Roberts-1962: copyrighted the song “Hey Joe”, but some people doubt that he’s the original writer… seems older than the date of copywright o Dino Valenti: guitarist for a band called ‘Quicksilver Messenger Service’ in S.F. who sang/played this song o Musician from LA (David Crosby, ‘The Byrds’) o The Leaves (San Fernando Valley, record their own version) The definitive version of ‘Hey Joe’ in the U.S., using chromatic bass lines o The Standells (LA, record their own version as well) Drummer: Dick Dodd is the singer The chromatic bass line carries over with each new version o Arthur Lee + the Grassroots (from LA, later become LOVE) Record yet another definitive version o Jimi Hendrix Experience (London) FAVORITE VERSION (my opinion); THE DEFINITIVE VERSION o The Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa AND the M.o.I; from LA) Album: We’re Only In It For The Money Their version: “Flower Punk”...
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