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Reading Assignment 1 - OVERVIEW: the early 1950s General...

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OVERVIEW: the early 1950s General Society - 1950s was a peaceful time, following the financial pressures of the 20s/30s and the war era of the 40s - Korean war in 1950-52, with Vietnam following in the next decade - McCarthy-ism, building bomb shelters to protect against the Communists, Brown v. Board (1954) - Dwight Eisenhower inaugurated as president in 1953, economic stability, well-being around nation; stable futures o Game plan: go to college, marry, raise a family, provide for them, stay happy; women take care of home/kids, men bring home the dough, and life’s good o Middle-class families able to enjoy nicer lives, with ability to purchase cars, TVs, houses, vacations - Pop music: happy, peppy stuff to make u feel good about what’s going on… no super excess Subcultures - Racial segregation was the norm, but some gets attacked with Brown v. Board case o Different racial stuff though: Blacks had jazz, gospel, diff way of R&B records mainly sold in their own distinct market - Country and Western (C&W) is a big one, associated with poor whites in the south (folk music) - Pop Music Tin Pan Alley - Area in NYC which became the center of popular music from late 1800s to late 1950s o Influences with old swing, early 1940s, Hollywood movie music, and Broadway music o Written primarily by white professional songwriters - Lyrics were non-offensive, noncontroversial, most often dealt with simple boy-girl romance - Straight, uncomplicated rhythm with four (or three) beats per measure; rhythm kept in the background of musical fabric - Melodies were important + easy to remember so ppl could remember them o Moving freely within an octave and stepswise, or with small leaps
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Reading Assignment 1 - OVERVIEW: the early 1950s General...

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