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Memory - Memory Memory is one of the most fascinating...

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Memory Memory is one of the most fascinating topics you can ever hope to study in any field. It is a fundamental component of daily life. We rely on it so heavily, that it is not a stretch to say that life without memory would be close to impossible. Our very survival depends on our ability to remember who we are, who others are, our past experiences, what is dangerous, what is safe, etc. Its importance can't be understated. In addition, people often believe their memories to be absolute and true. After all, it would be very disconcerting to think that the things that we remember to be true, are in fact wrong. The reality is, memory is not complete or absolute. In fact, many of our memories are completely wrong and yet we hold onto them dearly. We are sure of our memories...we know what happened to us...where we have been...what we said...what we did. Or do we? Although you will not get to witness this, one of my favorite activities to conduct in class is to create false memories in students. One example that use (I have lots, but this is an easy one to
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