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Pattern of Sleep (Hypnogram): Each human has a unique way and pattern of sleeping, but all follow the same general sleep pattern. When we go to sleep, we. .. 1) have a rapid descent through the stages, from wake, to Stage 1, Stage 2. ..all the way to Stage 4 2) then we go back to Stages 3 and then 2 briefly before entering the first REM cycle 3) this first REM period occurs 60-90 min after sleep onset, and is usually very brief (maybe a minute to a few minutes) 4) majority of SWS during first cycle. 5) As the night progresses, we continue to have REM cycles every 60-90 minutes, but length and intensity increases across each cycle. So while the first is very brief and light, the last one of the evening (assuming an 8 hour sleep period) is very long and intense.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) the second half of night is mainly stage 2 and REM. After the first half of the night we have very, very, little SWS. ** Lots of people say that they do not dream or that on specific nights they did not dream. Well, the reality is we all dream and we all dream every night. However, we remember our dreams when we wake up during one of them. So, if we wake during a REM cycle, we remember or aware of the fact that we were dreaming. This is why people often believe they dreamt in the morning but not earlier in the night - remember that the REM cycle is most intense toward morning (later in the sleep period), so dreaming occurs more frequently and we are more likely to wake during it....
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