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Sleep and Age - for SWS which drops dramatically after age...

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Sleep and Age: 1) Infancy - lots of SWS, REM, and total sleep time. From age 1 to the mid 20s, approximately 25% of peoples total sleep is spent in SWS. In addition, REM decreases from approx 35% to 25% of total sleep time, and total sleep time drops by approximately half. 2) after mid 20s - daily sleep pattern becomes stable from now to approximately age 60, except
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Unformatted text preview: for SWS which drops dramatically after age 30. SWS drops from approximately 13% in mid 30s to approximately 5% by age 60. As you can see, the younger a person is, the more sleep they require. So the next time your parents complain about you sleeping a lot, you can tell them that it has been scientifically documented that younger people require lots of sleep....
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