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Some final misconceptions about repressed memories

Some final misconceptions about repressed memories -...

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Some final misconceptions about repressed memories 1) wouldn't repressed or false memories be less vivid? No - research has shown that false memories are often "recollected" with more clarity and certainty than real memories 2) Wouldn't it be different for a traumatic event? NO - research has shown that memories of real traumatic events in childhood often fade over time. BUT - if an event is VERY TRAUMATIC it is more likely to become problematic due to
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Unformatted text preview: inability to stop thinking about it. People often dwell on a traumatic event, not forget it (PTSD). 3) Does this mean that Repression is all a myth? Not necessarily. The research is not conclusive, but suggests that repressed memories may not be as common as people may believe today (it seems to have gotten very hip today)....
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