Some Problems with Piaget

Some Problems with Piaget - through each stage are based on...

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Some Problems with Piaget's Theory a) Piaget may have underestimated the cognitive abilities of children (especially when very young) - object permanence may occur earlier; children also may be less egocentric (or at least be able to understand another persons perspective). b) What about individual differences? What about when a child displays behaviors from several different stages? Ever seen an infant do something incredible and sophisticated cognitively? c) This theory is a true stage theory, which may be inappropriate. His estimates for passing
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Unformatted text preview: through each stage are based on age. However, it is possible that children advance through stages in response to environmental factors, not just age. For example, children may begin to walk, on average, between ages 1-2 years, but the the old adage "he/she will walk when ready, may be correct. A child may be capable of walking at 1 year old, but not receive proper motivation or environmental factors to go ahead and actually begin walking....
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