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The Atkinson - original form The name"sensory...

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According to this model information must pass through two temporary storage buffers (stores) before it can be placed into more permanent storage, and then retrieved for later use. Take a look at the model below to get an overview of the whole process, and then move on with the notes. For the memory process to begin, we must first encounter some stimulus (identified as "input" in the model above), which goes into sensory storage. A. Sensory Storage - the immediate, initial recording of sensory information . Here information is preserved for a very brief time (usually only a fraction of a second) in its
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Unformatted text preview: original form. The name "sensory storage" implies that something perceptual occurs. In fact, what enters into sensory storage are images (in the case of vision), or more precisely, afterimages. Although the actual stimulus may have disappeared, we may still perceive it for a second or so. The actual length of time an image exists in sensory storage depends on the modality: 1) Iconic memory - a visual image in sensory storage. Although most people seem to believe that visual images last longer (this is based on intuition, not science), they do not - they last approximately 1/4 of a second....
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