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Unformatted text preview: Bryce DaFonte 11/19/2010 BRAE 312 Fourth Grade School Water Horsepower On October 6, 2010 Nadya Alexander and I travelled to the Paso Robles Fairgrounds to give a presentation and demonstration of water horsepower to five groups of fourth graders for the county’s Great AgAdventure program. We arrived on site at 9:30 am, setup the demonstration bicycles, and prepared the presentation. By 10:30 am the first group out of five groups of fourth graders came to our location, and so began the presentations. Attached to this summary is the PowerPoint presentation that was used for this event. I have included changes to the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint, which will assist any future students who have to do this presentation again. Although the changes might seem subtle, they make the presentation smoother and more presentable, a goal that all presenters want to achieve. When going through the computer version of the presentation, make a note of the suggestions in the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint, but remember that more physical slides,...
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