Lab 5 HGL redo

Lab 5 HGL redo - Bryce DaFonte BRAE 312 10/26/10 Re-done...

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Bryce DaFonte BRAE 312 10/26/10 Re-done 11/12/10 Lab 5 Hydraulic Grade Line Introduction: The lab group setup three different tests dealing with hydraulic grade lines, following certain procedures and collecting data for each of the three tests at the water resource facility. We found measurements and determined pressures of the pump to buffer reservoir setup for the first part. The second part involved a closed pipeline exercise to determine the hydraulic grade line. All three conditions (static, dynamic, dynamic with opening) were tested during this exercise. The third part was an exercise performed at the irrigation practice field involving the hydraulic grade line of a pump and pressurized pipe. The following report displays the information, calculations and graphs of the data obtained during this lab. Part I: HGL Exercise - Pump to Buffer Reservoir at WDF The basic data and single sheet showing the three hydraulic grade lines for the three levels of flow rates using two different pumps is attached in Appendix A, Figure 1 and the values collected are shown in Appendix A Table 1. Question 2: The flow rate with both Pump #1 and Pump #2 on at the same time did not equal the flow rate of Pump #1 plus Pump #2 when tested separately. The following data in Table 2 portrays the flow rates at each of these conditions: Flow Rate of Pump #1 2000 GPM Flow Rate of Pump #2 1800 GPM Measured Flow Rate of both Pump #1 and Pump #2 running simultaneously 3100 GPM Flow Rate of Pump #! Plus Pump #@ 3800 GPM Table 2 The reason for the results to come out the way they did is due to the capacity of the pipeline. Only so much water can go through the pipe with a given cross sectional area that cannot change.
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Lab 5 HGL redo - Bryce DaFonte BRAE 312 10/26/10 Re-done...

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