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2011 BRAE 433 HW4

2011 BRAE 433 HW4 - 3 22.5 Find Determine the stress at...

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BRAE 433 HW4 Given: A normal-weight concrete beam 22.5 inches by 3 inches in cross section and supported on a simple span of 48 inches was loaded with a point load at midspan. The beam failed at a load of 1000 pounds. Use 150 pcf for the wt of the concrete beam.
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Unformatted text preview: 3 22.5 Find: Determine the stress at rupture of the concrete and compare with the ACI code for f r value based on an assumed strength (f'c) of 3000 psi. Note: "Compare" means to discuss the impact of the load on the beam. P L...
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