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BRAE 433 - Lab 1 CONCRETE Tour - 2011 Assignment: 2 page, single spaced summary write up of the tour Single spaced. Name, Date and Class in upper right hand corner. 12 point font. Times New Roman. Provide a summary of the tour including answers to key points at the end of the lab. Summarize the sizes, shapes, and expected loading forces. Sites: 1) Lab 3 foundation footing 2) Deck at PCV Parking Structure 3) Buffer at WDF Example questions to be answered in lab write up: 1) What are the 3 general loading conditions used in most concrete design problems? 2) What are the major ingredients for concrete, and what role do they play? 3) What is meant by "workable?" Why is it important for concrete to be workable? 4) Give an example of an aggregate.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the practical use of this aggregate in making the concrete stronger? 5) What can be used to slow the hardening of concrete (give example?) Why would slowing this process be desirable? 6) What can be used to speed the hardening of concrete (give example?) Why would speeding up this process be desirable? 7) Suppose you were to be the chief designer in charge of building a concrete ship to carry people overseas. What aggregate might you choose to put in your concrete and why? 8) Explain how can you measure the consistency of freshly mixed concrete? 9) Briefly discuss the importance of a proper water to cement ratio. 10) Why should gloves be worn when mixing concrete? Be specific....
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