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Morphine – Strength of 1 Codeine – Strength of 0.1 Vicodin – Strength of 0.6 OxyConTin – Strength of 2 Heroine – Strength of 4 Fentanyl – Strength of 100 (you’re gonna die) Carfentanil – Strength of 10,000 (you’re basically fucked) Downside to analgesics - Small molecule: low molecular weight organic compound, which is by definition not a
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Unformatted text preview: polymer-Natural product: chemical compound produced by a living organism/sometimes these can be small molecules o Alexander Fleming: penicillin-Prodrug require your body to activate them (codeine to morphine)-Low pH = NH2/COOH would have a + charge-Neutral pH= N will have 3 protons, COOH becomes COO--High pH =...
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