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BRAE 236 Lab 3 - Bryce DaFonte BRAE 236 10/13/10 Lab 3 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Bryce DaFonte BRAE 236 10/13/10 Lab 3 - Basic Pipeline Hydraulics The lab assignment for this basic pipeline hydraulic lab was to create a simulated PVC water supply using the PVC pipe and fittings supplied. We had certain guidelines for the assembly, however the length of the overall assembly came out to be shorter than expected, but the lab instructor approved. Two tests were performed, the first with the pipe flat on the ground and the second with the pipe rose to an increase in elevation over ten feet. The group started the lab by assembling the different PVC pipes to a total length of 83 5. Several elbows were used to fit the separate pieces together. When fitting PVC together, it is important to follow the precautions on the can for several reasons: personal injury and can occur if any of the products are inhaled improperly, and the improper use of the glue and primer can result in the assembly possibly falling apart. We did not have any problems or leaks with the assembly. The instructions on the can were as follows: 1. Priming and cleaning all of the pipe surfaces. 2. The proper type of primer and cement must be used. 1....
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