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Lab 4 questions 236

Lab 4 questions 236 - Discussion Questions 1 What are the...

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Discussion Questions: 1. What are the basic criteria for selecting the proper pump for a project? The first step is to determine the required pressure and flow rate for the project. The second step is to find the pump that provides the required pressure and flow rate at a high efficiency (>60% is the target). 2. At what flow rate and total dynamic head is the pumping plant that you evaluated in lab most efficient? Obtain from lab data: Maximum Pumping Plant Efficiency: 64% Flow Rate: 1800 GPM TDH: 43.9 ft 3. Explain what happened to the flow rate on the pump as the discharge pressure was increased. As the discharge pressure increased the flow rate decreased. What we actually did was decrease the flow rate, which then caused the discharge pressure to increase. 4. What was the impeller efficiency at maximum PPE? Did it match up with the manufacturers’ data? Why or why not? PPE = Motor Efficiency X Impeller Efficiency Imp Eff = PPE/ME = 63.68%/92.5% Imp Eff = 68.84% = 69% It does not match up with the manufacturers’ data for multiple reasons. The efficiency
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