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Biomes - • covers much of northern N America and Eurasia...

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Subject: Physical Geography Session: Biomes at 04:52 PM Tropical Rainforest (Sevla) high temperatures and high humidity • broadleaf everygreen forest with numerous tree species • continueous canopy, multiple layers • forest floor relatively clear • closely associated with A climates - Af Mediterranean Woodland & Shrub Csa - winter wet, summer dry and hot • biome dominated by woody shrubs • Chaparral in N America • sclerophyllous plants • adapted to dry weather • many species survive via fire - produces regeneration Boreal Forests (Taiga) one of the largest biomes
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Unformatted text preview: • covers much of northern N America and Eurasia • limited number of species • trees primarily needle leaf, evergreen conifers • Southern areas very close together • farther north - spread out - more shrubs between • to very spindly - treeline • D climates Midlatitude Deciduous Forest • extensive areas on all Northern Hemisphere continents - C & D climates • much has been cleared for agriculture & other human use • fairly dense growth of tall broadleaf trees that provide a complete canopy cover in summer...
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