ClimaticZones&Types - Kppen System Modified Kppen...

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Subject: Physical Geography Definitions short-run atmospheric conditions that exist for a given time in a specific area • temp, humidity, cloudiness, precipitaton, pressure, winds, storms, etc • climate - aggregate of day-to-day weather conditions over a period of time temperature and precipitation are most significant and understandable features when classifying climate Classification Schemes • generalize a vast array of data in a simple form • way to compare/contrast different areas • Ancient Greek Scheme • 5 zones - one torrid (tropics), 2 temperate (midlatitude), 2 frigid
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Unformatted text preview: Kppen System Modified Kppen System - zones A = tropical humid (equatorial) B = dry (deserts: arid/semi-arid) C = mild midlatitude (mild winter) D = severe midlatitude (boreal, cold winter) E = polar (always cold) H = highland (mountains, plateaus) ------- Modified Addition 3 letter system first letter - climate group (temp) second letter - precipitation third letter - temp patterns Csa - Mediterranean C = mild lat temp, s - summer dry, a - hot summer second letter...
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ClimaticZones&Types - Kppen System Modified Kppen...

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