ForcesInAtmosphere - • Cyclones wind-flow patterns around...

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Subject: Physical Geography Forces in the atmosphere WIND • • Newton's Laws of Motion • 1 - object at rest will remain at rest when there is no force applied • 2 - force = mass x acceleration • Pressure Gradient Force • pressure change over a unit distance = pressure gradient force • greater this force, faster the winds • primary force influencing the formation of wind from local to global scales • determined by the spatial pattern of atmospheric pressure at any given moment • Land/Sea Breeze • day - cool air in ocean, comes down, warm air onshore rises/circulates • night - cool air onshore comes down, warm air in ocean rises
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Unformatted text preview: • Cyclones - wind-flow patterns around low-pressure • converging air & rises - leads to clouds, storms • Anticyclones - wind-flow patterns around high-pressure • diverging air & comes down - dry, sunny, clear sky • Coriolis Force • apparent force that arises because of rotation of Earth • Right - Northern hemisphere • left - southern hemisphere • Zero reflection at Equator • maximum deflection at 90 latitude • increases with speed of moving object • occurs regardless of direction of motion • Friction • force of opposition • slows air...
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ForcesInAtmosphere - • Cyclones wind-flow patterns around...

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