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Hydrospheres - • less than 1 of earth's moisture is...

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Subject: Physical Geography Session: Chapter 9 - Hydrosphere at 05:10 PM Hydrosphere describes waters of the Earth • water exists in stores • atmosphere, oceans, lakes, rivers, soils, glaciers, groundwater • moves from one store to another • evaporation, condensation, runoff, precipitation, infiltration, groundwater flow • hydrologic cycle • endless circulation of water from atmosphere to earth and its return to the atmosphere through condensation, precipitation, evaporation, transpiration Earth Moisture Inventory contet of water cycle, reservoir represents water contained in different steps • 99% of all moisutre on Earth is in storage • water frozen as ice in glaciers/continental ice sheets ~ 75% of all freshwater
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Unformatted text preview: • less than 1% of earth's moisture is actively moving around in annual hydrologic cycle • 97.2% world's water = oceans • 2.15% ice sheets/glaciers • .63% groundwater • freshwater lakes - .009%, stream channels .0001%, atmosphere .001%, soil water .005%, saline lakes/inland seas .008% Reservoirs • residence time of a reservoir within hydrologic cycle is average time a molecule will spend in that reservoir. measure of average age of water in that reservoir • oceans 3,200 years • glaciers 20-100 years • seasonal snow cover 2-6 months • soil moisture 1-2 months • shallow groundwater 100-200 years...
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Hydrospheres - • less than 1 of earth's moisture is...

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