MineralsandRocks - • bury sedimentary rock deep enough...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Rock Cycle Elements --> Minerals --> Rocks • Sedimentary <--> Metamorphic <--> Igneous <--> Sedimentary • Heavy, Medium(sand), Light(clays) • As waters stops to flow, the rocks drop out and form layers by size • icrops - rock layering from top to center of Earth WTFFF • sedimentary - layered rocks, have a pattern (small-medium-large) • layer by size -- sediments - pieces of a rock • conglomerate - sedimentary rock formed by LARGE sized pieces • sandstone - sedimentary rock formed by MEDIUM sized pieces • shale - sedimentary rock formed by small sized pieces • Igneous - "fire rocks" melt other rocks into magma, it cools to create igneous rocks - volcanoes
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Unformatted text preview: • bury sedimentary rock deep enough, high pressure that causes it to melt & change to igneous • crystalline - quartz crystal, bartype(?) • metamorphic rock - stress chemicals of sedimentary/igneous rocks changes mineral composition • igneous rocks chanes mineral composition • causes stress by increased heat & pressure (no melting) • mountains forming, etc • Importance of Rocks/Minerals • building blocks of Earth • various, modern economic uses • clues for history of Earth • learn about better management of Earth's resources • important to health (minerals) Mineral Properties Mineral Definitive Properties • made of elements or chemical compounds...
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MineralsandRocks - • bury sedimentary rock deep enough...

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