Soils&Environment - Soil study of soil - agronomy a...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 16 - Soils and Environment at 10:34 AM Case History - Times Beach, MO river town, population 2400, west of St Louis • 1983, town evacuated and purchased by govt for $36 million • entire town contaminated with dioxin from oil sprayed on road to control dust • human exposure to dioxin?? Soil supports rooted plant life - solid Earth materials altered by physial, chemical, biological processes • land-use planning - soil suitability is large part of land capability • waste disposal - soil properties are critical • impact of natural hazards - affected by soil properties • climatic signal - clues to the past climate
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Unformatted text preview: Soil study of soil - agronomy a material that has been "CORPT" Earth materials have gone through soil forming processes CORPT Material = F (C=Climate, O=organic, R=relief, P=parent material, T=time) Soil Profile soil horizon - distinct layers roughly parallel to the surface as soil develops over time A layer - elluviation - look up! illuviation = B layer - look up! C layer = where soil is derived eluviation - removal of soil from a layer illuviation - addition of alluvium to a layer Soil's General Properties color - depending on the amount of organic matter, iron oxides, soil water retention...
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Soils&Environment - Soil study of soil - agronomy a...

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