WaterManagement - status NIMBY or BANANA build absolutely...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 17 - Waste Management Case History - Modern E-Waste hundreds of millions of computers/electronic devices - e-waste • rapid life cycle, 3-5 years • US generates most e-wastes, no official process for managing • contains small amount of toxic heavy metals, Au, Sn, Cu, Cd, Hg • most e-wastes exported to Nigeria and China as recycling centers Overview US and rest of world face a tremendous solid waste disposal problem • urban waste is running out of disposal space (half cities in US need more space) • cost for landfill disposal skyrocketing • too much and too many kinds of waste produced • social/environmental justice • social justice - location of disposal facilities, concerning socioeconomic status or ethnic/ racial
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Unformatted text preview: status: NIMBY or BANANA - build absolutely nothing anywhere near anyone • environmental justice - who should have decision making role in site selection of waste management facilities in minority communities • new trend - integrated waste management (IWM) from 1980s to deal with growing waste disposal problem • initial approach - "dilute and disperse" anywhere possible • later plan - "concentrate and contain" and resource recovery • today's reality - too much waste to do either Modern Trends : IWM • integrated waste management - emerged in 1980s • reduction, recycling, reuse, composting, landfill, incineration • three R's reduces urban refuse by 50% • more success with recycling, but less success with reducing production...
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WaterManagement - status NIMBY or BANANA build absolutely...

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