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WaterPollution - sewage runoff • pathogenic...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 13 - Water Pollution at 10:32 AM NC Bay of Pigs Hurricane Floyd through North Carolina Sept 1999 • catastrophic water pollution • more than 38 pig waste lagoons washed out, 250 million gallons of pig waste into creeks, rivers, wetlands • approximately 250 pig operations flooded out • polluted water through schools, churches homes, businesses • estimated 30,000 hogs, 2 million chickens, 735,000 turkeys died Common Pollutants oxygen-demanding waste (common organic waste) • dead organic matter decomposed by bacteria (requires oxygen) • BOD - high BOD associated with high level of decaying organic matter in water, reducing dissolved oxygen (DO) for other organisms • sources of oxygen-demanding waste - natural process, agricultural applications, urban
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Unformatted text preview: sewage, runoff • pathogenic waste (pathogenic microbes) • fecal coliform bacteria (fcb) - most are harmless - animal and human intestine waste indicator • illnesses from fcb - bloody diarrhea, dehydration, kidney failure, death • harmful risks (this fcb causes diseases and death) of E. coli • billions of people exposed to waterborne diseases, especially in less developed place • outbreaks do occur in developed countries • epidemic risks of waterborne diseases during natural disasters • nutrients • two important nutrients - N, P • cultural eutrophication in lakes, ponds, streams - algae bloom, BOD problem • fertilizer, feedlots, discharge from wastewater treatment plants • water in lakes/ponds have lots of algae, plant growth...
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