WaterResources - • abundance not a problem •...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 12 - Water Resources at 10:00 AM Case History - Long Island GW pollution - seriousl problem on wester end of island beginning 20th c • GW below Nassau County is abundant, yet intensive pumping has caused as much as 15 m decline in water level • salt water intrusion due to decline in water level • urbanization trigerred more serious pollution - urban runoff, sewage/fertilizers, road salt, industrial and other wastes, landfills Global Water Cycle hydrologic cycle- global movement of water b/w different water stores • global distribution water - problem
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Unformatted text preview: • abundance not a problem • distribution in space and over time is problem • supply vs use - problem Global Water Supply • oceans = 97.2%, residence = thousands of years • atmosphere = .001%, 9 days • rivers/streams - .0001%, 2 weeks • groundwater = .31%, hundreds to thousands of years • lakes = .009%, tens of years • ice caps/glaciers = 2.15%, up to tens of thousands of years+ Surface Water • surface runoff to streams • drainage network • drainage basin or watershed • drainage divide • stream order and size of drainage basin...
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WaterResources - • abundance not a problem •...

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