1.2 Distance Formula

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Unformatted text preview: 1.2 Distance Formula Friday, August 20, 2010 5:48 AM Remember whiteboard pens on Monday! Also, there will be a homework check on Monday. Agenda: 1. Warmup 2. Lesson: 1.2 Distance Formula _____________________________________ Warmup. Is the following relation a function? List the excluded value(s). List the domain and range. Is the following relation a function? _____________________________________ Lesson: 1.2 Distance Formula Goal: Define and use the distance formula Let's derive the distance formula. Remember the Pythagorean Theorem? Ch_1 Page 1 Distance Formula: Given two points, two points is and , the distance between the _______________________________________ A necessary skill review Do you remember how to simplify radicals? I like to find perfect squares factors. Simplify the radicals. _______________________________________ Find the distance between the given pairs of points. (I will expect exact answers, possibly with simplified radicals, not decimal approximations.) (5,-2),(11,6) (1,1),(4,5) Ch_1 Page 2 _______________________________________ Find the equation of the circle that contains the given point P and has the center at the origin. Do you remember the equation of a circle (with center at origin)? P(3,-6) P(-3,4) A couple of reminders * If I give you time in class to start the homework, do so! I will not tolerate people wasting time. * You will get your bathroom passes on Monday. I will be strict with them. Don't lose them or it will penalize your grade. And yes, leaving class now still counts. Ch_1 Page 3 ...
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