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Unformatted text preview: 3.4 Fundamental Identities Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:48 AM Agenda (10/28) 1. Lesson: 3.4 Fundamental Identities Part 2 2. Skills Test ______________________________ Lesson: 3.4 Fundamental Identities Goal: To introduce and prove the reciprocal, ratio, Pythagorean, and odd-even identities DOD Trigonometric Identities: A trigonometric equation that is true for all values of the domain of its variable. Examples. You already know some trig identities! And you will need to know these definitions (from a while ago…) When proving trig identities, we will only change one side of the equal sign until it matches the other side. List of Trig Identities (to be added to as we progress through the class) Reciprocal Identities Ch_3 Page 1 Pythagorean Identities Ratio Identities Odd-Even Identities Examples Verify the follwing identities for Verify: Ch_3 Page 2 Verify: Prove using the definitions of the trig functions. Ch_3 Page 3 Prove using the definitions of the trig functions. Ch_3 Page 4 ...
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