3.5 Rewriting Trig Expressions

3.5 Rewriting Trig Expressions - 3.5 Rewriting Trig...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.5 Rewriting Trig Expressions Notebook Quiz/Check tomorrow! End of Grading Period: Nov. 4 Tuesday, November 01, 2011 7:42 AM Agenda (11/1): 1. Whiteboard Warmup 2. Lesson: 3.5 Rewriting Trig Expressions ____________________ Whiteboard Warmup Convert the first expression into the second expression. ____________________ Lesson: 3.5 Rewriting Trig Expressions Goal: Use trig identities to write equivalent trig expressions. Our first step, for all of these problems, is to use trig identities (usually the tangent identities, reciprocal identities, and Pythagorean identities) to rewrite the expression in terms of and . Then, we will simplify as much as we can. Examples Rewrite in terms of sine or cosine only. Ch_3 Page 1 Rewrite in terms of cosine only. Ch_3 Page 2 Ch_3 Page 3 ...
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