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IAH 211A recitation HW #1 - much of Africa and its...

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Nick Calkins A37632942 Section 3 Recitation HW Assignment #1 OPTION 1 Newspaper Name : New York Times Article Title : Protests Bring New Violence in Kenya Autho r: Jeffrey Gettleman -Gettleman studied at Oxford where he obtained an extensive knowledge base of Africa and its people. He cannot help but feel sorry for the inhabitants of this region. Tone : Gettleman takes the side of the protestors in this article and portrays the government as the enemy. The very beginning of the article quotes a mechanic from Kisumu on how the local police, “are whipping women, children, everyone.” It puts the reader in the shoes of the civilians to try and show their horrific struggle waiting for the turbulence to subside. The violence in Kenya sparked by a recent deficient election is a major issue regarding
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Unformatted text preview: much of Africa and its population. The negative social as well as economic implications brought on by the recent events in Kenya are detrimental to the progression of this continent. Reaction/analysis/thoughts : Though the struggles for inhabitants of Africa are often brought up in American media these days, many Americans tend to shrug this news because it is taking place half-way around the world. The violence in Africa will not stop. With the current political unrest adding to Africa’s many problems, I don’t see any hope for this great continent to reach its potential and become a world competitor....
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  • York Times article, Jeffrey Gettleman, Recitation HW Assignment, Bring New Violence, Calkins A37632942 Section

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