5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas

5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas - 5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas Wednesday, September 28, 2011 6:35 AM Agenda: 1. Classwork (preview of quiz on Friday) 2. Lesson: 5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas _______________________________ Your classwork identities are a bit harder than what you will see on your quiz. Feel free to work with the people around you! _______________________________ Lesson: 5.5 Multiple-Angle Formulas Goal: Use Multiple-Angle Formulas DOD Double Angle Formulas Power-Reducing Formulas Half-Angle Formulas Note about the sign The used in trigonometry means the proper sign depends upon the quadrant in which is located. Each identity requires either + or -, but not both. Ch_5 Page 1 ______________________________ Examples Find all solutions. Rewrite using a double-angle formula. graphing. Find the exact values of , . Check your solution by . Draw the triangle! Ch_5 Page 2 Find the exact values of , . Draw the triangle! Rewrite the equation in terms of the first power of cosine. (use the power reducing formulas multiple times!) Find the exact value of and Ch_5 Page 3 (draw a 3-4-5 triangle) Use a half angle identity to find the exact value of Ch_5 Page 4 ...
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