9.5 Binomial Theorem

9.5 Binomial Theorem - 9.5 Binomial Theorem Friday,...

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Unformatted text preview: 9.5 Binomial Theorem Friday, November 04, 2011 6:26 PM Agenda (11/7): 1. Homework Roll 2. Warmup (do on paper, not whiteboard) 3. Lesson: 9.5 Binomial Theorem _________________ Homework Roll Roll HW# 1,2 33 3,4 34 5 35 6 36 _________________ Warmup (do on paper, not whiteboard) Prove by mathematical induction _________________ Lesson: 9.5 Binomial Theorem Goal: Use the binomial theorem to expand binomials to a power. Review… what does mean? It means combinations! Ch_9 Page 1 Property: Examples So So DOD Binomial Theorem In the expansion of where the coefficient of is given by: • will stand for the exponent • number of terms = • will stand for which term in the sequence (starting at 0) also coincides with Pascal's Triangle! Ch_9 Page 2 We will expand entire binomials and find specific terms of expanded binomials using these patterns. _______________________ Examples Expand the binomial. How would Alternating signs! be different? Ch_9 Page 3 Find the given term in a binomial expansion. 6th term of Ch_9 Page 4 Find the coefficient of binomial expansion of of the . ...
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