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0831 Classwork 9.50.08 PM

0831 Classwork 9.50.08 PM - θ in standard position Find...

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Please feel free to come on up and write up a solution to any of the problems on my tablet. Please clearly sign your work so I can give you credit. Thanks. Functions List the domain and range for the given relation. Is the given relation a function? 1. Determine the value(s) of x that make the following function undefined. 2. Distance Formula 3. Find the distance between the given points. Please fully simplify any radicals. Angles in the Coordinate Plane Start at the terminal side of the given angle
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Unformatted text preview: θ in standard position. Find the measure of the resulting angle (in standard position and in radians) after the given number of rotations. 4.  ´ ¿Ã¶Ä , 2.5 rotations clockwise For the following angle, find two coterminal angles in radians such that one is positive and one is negative. 5. ¶ ¸ Ä Angles Measures in Radians and Degrees Convert to degrees. 6. µ ¶ ¿ Ä Convert to radians. 7. ¶¶ÅÆ 8/31 Classwork Wednesday, August 31, 2011 7:36 AM Ch_1 Page 1 Ch_1 Page 2...
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