0928 Classwork 9.50.08 PM

0928 Classwork 9.50.08 PM - 9/28 Classwork Wednesday,...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/28 Classwork Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:50 PM Please feel free to come on up and write up a solution to any of the problems on my tablet. Please clearly sign your work so I can give you credit. Thanks. Special Trig Functions Yep, we are retesting this. No reference, no calculator. For each, find the measure of the reference angle, tell which quadrant the terminal side lies, and evaluate the trig function. Evaluating Trig Functions (retest) Evaluate. Round to 4 decimal places. Find , where degree. , to the nearest tenth of one Odd/Even Functions Verify whether the function is odd, even, or neither. Cofuntions, Odd and Even Trig Functions If , what three things can you tell me based on the given properties? Odd/Even Cofunctions Ch_2 Page 1 Coterminal Angles Graph Sine and Cosine Functions List the amplitude, period, horizontal shift, and vertical shift, then graph the function. Ch_2 Page 2 ...
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