Binomial Probabilities

Binomial Probabilities - Binomial Probabilities Wednesday,...

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Agenda (11/16-17): 1. Let's check out the birthday problem. 2. Lesson: Binomial Probabilities _________________ Birthday Problem How many people do you need to have a better than 50% chance that at least 2 people share the same birthday ? _________________ Lesson: Binomial Probabilities Goal: Use Binomial Probabilities to calculate probabilities. DOD In a binomial experiment there are two mutually exclusive outcomes, often referred to as "success" and "failure." If the probability of success is , then the probability of failure is ± ² . Such an experiment whose outcome is random and can be either of two possibilities, "success" or "failure", is called a Bernoulli trial, after Swiss mathematician Jacob Bernoulli (1654 - 1705). Examples of Bernoulli trials: Binomial Probabilities Wednesday, November 16, 2011 4:37 AM Ch_9 Page 1
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