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Please feel free to come on up and write up a solution to any of the problems on my tablet. Please clearly sign your work so I can give you credit. Thanks. Applications: Angular and Linear Velocity I like Merry - Go - Rounds. While in Santa Cruz, my wife and I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and we rode the Merry - Go - Round. I noticed that the Merry - Go - Round was spinning at a rate of 1 revolution every 15 seconds. I was riding the horse on the outside of the Merry - Go - Round (radius of 30 feet) and my wife was riding a unicorn (radius of 25 feet) just inside of my horse Determine the angular velocity of the wheel (in radians per minute) a) Determine the linear velocity of my horse and my wife’s unicorn. Which animal was faster? How much faster? (in feet per minute) b) All Trig Functions Find the exact value of all trig functions of an angle
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